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Hello! We’re guessing you’re here because you love to cruise! Or, maybe you’re about to set out on your very first voyage and beginning your research. Either way, you’ll find plenty of resources, news and pictures to enjoy.

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Who Are We?

Mark in his element

Mark’s Cruise Bio

Learn more about Mark and how he became so involved with the Cruise community. Discover his passions and what led him to create an online presence for cruise enthusiasts and newbies alike.

Rocky in port

Rocky’s Cruise Bio

Read about Rocky’s journey and what got him interested in cruise ships. Learn to love everything about the cruise industry the same way he does – and get lost in articles that dissect what it means to sail to great destinations onboard a cruise ship!

Want to Join us on a Cruise Adventure?

Check back here frequently to find out what cruises we have planned:

Departure date# of nightsCruise shipItineraryWho’s Sailing?
April 7, 202411MSC MeravigliaEastern CaribbeanMark & Rocky
April 25, 20247*Carnival FirenzeMexican RivieraMark & Rocky
May 2, 20245Carnival FirenzeMexican RivieraMark & Rocky
May 7, 20245Carnival FirenzeMexican RivieraMark & Rocky
May 26, 20247Celebrity SolsticeAlaskaMark & Rocky
June 14, 20244*Margaritaville at Sea IslanderMexicoMark & Rocky
July 2, 20247Carnival SpiritAlaskaMark & Rocky
July 28, 20247Carnival CelebrationEastern CaribbeanMark
August 16, 20245Valiant LadyDominican DazeMark & Rocky
August 21, 20249Norwegian SkyEastern CaribbeanMark & Rocky
September 15, 20247Carnival LibertyEastern CaribbeanMark & Rocky
October 12, 202425Carnival PanoramaTrans PacificMark
February 3, 20256Carnival RadianceMexican RivieraMark
March 22, 202510Resilient LadyPuerto Rico Daze & Caribbean NightsMark & Rocky
April 12, 20257*MSC World AmericaEastern CaribbeanMark & Rocky
Last updated on March 22, 2024
* Denotes Inaugural Sailing

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