Celebrity Apex Ship Review

If you follow @thiscruiselife on Twitter, you know I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Celebrity Apex for several years. In 2018, Celebrity Edge launched the new Edge-class for Celebrity Cruise Line, but it was the Apex I was most excited to try. While COVID caused several delays and a very sad cancellation for the rescheduled inaugural, Rocky and I were finally able to get on the ship in November 2022.

We shared our initial thoughts 24 hours into our sailing. We talk about what to expect with embarkation, the style/design of the ship, and some of the things that weren’t perfect within those first 24 hours.

Full Review

After a week on board, we decided we would do a full ship review where we share the things we LOVE, the things we didn’t love, and the things we HATED.

There’s so much to love about the Celebrity Apex! It is the most beautiful ship we’ve ever had the privilege to sail on. The ship has several features that I’ve been excited to try out since the debut of Celebrity Edge, including the much-talked-about Magic Carpet, which is a floating platform that hangs off the side of the ship and serves both as a bar and a debark option during water shuttle/tender ports.

Like any ship, there were definitely some things we didn’t love. But what we didn’t expect is that there would be several things that we absolutely hated about this cruise ship. For anyone that follows us, you know that we try to always stay positive in our reviews, but we definitely wanted to make others aware of some of the challenges that face Celebrity Apex. Some of the things we didn’t love or hated may not be important to everyone, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

We share our complete review after 7 days onboard this epic ship. What do you think? Do you agree with the things we love, didn’t love, and hated? Did you have a different experience onboard Celebrity Apex? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Bonus Footage

Just for fun, here’s a Time-Lapse Video from our Eastern Caribbean Cruise onboard Celebrity Apex!

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