Carnival Sunrise – Lucky Bowl Breakfast

Whenever we go on a cruise ship that’s new to us, we always scope out the dining establishments onboard to see if there’s a new option available. Since we sail with Carnival so frequently, it becomes a rare treat to eat at a new restaurant so we were quick to pounce on the multiple breakfast offerings that awaited us on the Carnival Sunrise.

The view of the breakfast selection that greeted us in the morning

We arrived to a slow-moving line, but we weren’t in much of a hurry as this was actually our second breakfast of the day (check out our review of the Guy’s Breakfast Burger here). The options they had available were unexpected, to say the least. Upon arriving at the order counter, Mark and I placed our order, one dish at a time. Our goal was to try all three bowls and enjoy a few bites from each so we could provide an accurate review of the Lucky Bowl breakfast options. The presentation of the three bowls was beautiful and our mouths watered as we watched the chef’s prepare each bowl.

All three breakfast bowls sitting next to each other

Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits

This dish had a party of flavor in it. Presentation was fantastic with the biscuit peeking out adjacent to the fluffy bed of eggs and tucked neatly into the fresh greens. The hollandaise really complimented the flavors of the eggs, greens, and biscuit and really made this dish work well for us! The protein included in this dish was cubed ham, which was possibly broiled. We weren’t so impressed with the ham, but it didn’t change our feelings about this bowl.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Hash

We found lots to celebrate in this bowl from the over-easy eggs that coated parts of the bowl with yolk, to the variety of protein found at the base of the dish. Upon first bite, if you’re able to combine all of the pieces that compose this bowl, you’ll have an explosion of flavor. The cheese was perfectly portioned and the hash browns provided a fantastic crunch when consumed. We did find this bowl to be salty, mostly due to the sausage that’s included. In all, this was a delicious bowl with great potential!

Oatmeal Bowl

This bowl had the most amount of varied texture out of the trio. The hard-boiled eggs were very well seasoned and had tons of flavor. The repeat of the hash brown was welcome to this bowl to add that special crunch. We were a little unimpressed with the oatmeal as it didn’t contribute any flavor to this bowl and if we were given the chance, we would add a sweeter flavor to the mix to allow the oatmeal to shine. The highlight of this dish was the sausage as they struck a home-run with their savory flavor.


We invite you to watch our full-review video below to really get a sense of our Lucky Bowl breakfast experience. Sailing on the Carnival Sunrise opened up some new dining experiences for breakfast with the addition of Guy’s Burger Joint breakfast burger option, and Pizzeria del Capitano’s breakfast pizza. We were very impressed with all of the extra options on this ship and are excited to share our experiences with our followers.

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