Our First Live Q&A Session: January 22, 2023

We have been talking about Carnival Celebration now for over a year. Truthfully, with Carnival making a variety of swaps to the ship, we’ve been excited to check it out and compare one of our favorites in the fleet – sister Mardi Gras – to the newest Excel-class ship.

One of our friends suggested, “take me with you!” and that’s where the idea to do a Live Q&A from the ship came from!

No idea what we’re doing…

And while it could work flawlessly and we’ll have a ton of fun doing it, we also realize that there’s a whole bunch of things that could go wrong. LOL

For example, what happens if boarding is delayed? Guess you’ll be hearing from us in the cruise terminal! Or what happens if the wifi is spotty? Guess we’ll look more like dancing robots than cruise bloggers.

Whatever it is that happens this first go, we do hope you’ll join us, even for a couple minutes, to say hello and let us know what you’d like to see on board Carnival Celebration.

Live Details

We’ll be going live on Sunday, January 23 at 12pm EST. Since we’re pretty familiar with the Excel-class of ships, we’ve already got a couple spots we’re going to test from a connectivity perspective.

To join us, simply visit our YouTube Channel.

But I can’t make it on Sunday, what do I do???

If you can’t join us, we understand! But you may still have questions, so drop a comment below. We’ll answer all the questions we receive.

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