Cruise Travel Magazine Shuttered

With COVID19 putting a wrench in my cruising plans, I figured I would find another way to get my fill by searching out potential cruise magazines to keep me entertained during this hopefully brief hiatus.

Thankfully, Reasons to Cruise put together this lovely little guide to the various magazines available. After reading through the list, I decided that Cruise Travel Magazine would grace my mailbox in the future!

Cruise Travel Magazine Cover
Image courtesy of Reasons to Travel

I clicked the link to the site, and the following post greeted me:

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, lack of advertising and the current and uncertain future of the cruise industry, we are forced to cease publishing Cruise Travel magazine. The COVID-19 virus pandemic has taken quite a toll on the cruise industry and it has affected our ability to continue publishing the magazine. From all of us at Cruise Travel, we want to thank you for your loyalty over these past 40+ years and are wishing you all happy sailings in the future.

My heart sank. What appears to be just one more casualty of the global pandemic.

Twitter user @Poynter shared that the magazine had closed in a June 19, 2020 Tweet.

My thoughts go out to everyone who put their hearts into Cruise Travel Magazine and all of the subscribers who have one less thing to look forward to when they go to their mailboxes.

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