Top 20 Cruise Essentials Gift Giving Guide 

Ahoy there, fellow cruisers and holiday enthusiasts! Welcome to a nautical shopping experience like no other – our Top 20 Cruise Essentials Gift Giving Guide! In this post, we share our Top 20 must-have items for your next cruise adventure. Join us on a virtual shopping spree, where we showcase each product and share why we love the item and never cruise without it!

Top 20 Cruise Essentials

  1. Travel Liquid Containers: Cruise-smart packing! TSA-approved liquid containers for your sunscreen, face lotion, and more. Ready, set, sail.
  2. Sunscreen and Bronzers: SPF superheroes to keep you sailing smoothly, Australian Gold is a must when you plan to get your glow on!
  3. Reusable Wine Diaper: Sail worry-free with wine diapers! Padded and absorbent, these reusable bags keep your bottles and breakables safe. We never sail without them.
  4. Reusable Metal Straws with Plastic Tips: Save the sea turtles and grab yourself these reusable drinking straws!
  5. Reusable Water Bottle: Stay refreshed onboard! Pack an insulated water bottle to keep your drinks cold throughout the ship and onshore. Perfect for a chilled sip at the spa!
  6. Carabiner Clips: Clip and go with Carabiner Clips! Easily attach your water bottle to your bag and use them as hooks to keep things organized on the wall. Stay hydrated, stay hassle-free!
  7. Magnetic Hooks: Maximize your cruise cabin space with Magnetic Hooks! Since cruise ship walls are magnetic, easily hang your belts, hats, and more to stay organized and clutter-free.
  8. Chair Clips: Deck lounging made easy! Pack these chair clips to keep your towel in place as you soak up the sun. Sunbathing, upgraded!
  9. Excursion Backpack: Your all-in-one excursion companion! This backpack is a lightweight, collapsible, water-resistant gem, perfect for beach towels, sunscreen, and everything you need for any adventure.
  10. Water Shoes: These are perfect for waterfalls, the ocean, or any rocky/uneven terrain. Many excursions rent these, but trust us, you’ll want your own!

Check out our Holiday Shopping Page for the complete list and set sail with us into the holiday season!
-Mark and Rocky

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Top 20 Cruise Essentials Gift Giving Guide

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