Carnival Jubilee new zone: The Shores

Carnival Cruise Line is bringing new personality to their newest Excel-class ships and we are here for it! The major visual differences were first introduced with the Mardi Gras featuring a bold new layout when comparing the ship to the rest of the Carnival fleet. As we look closer at the new class of ships, we also started to see some unique designs and theming introduced to the Mardi Gras that were vastly different for the introduction of the second ship in the class, the Carnival Celebration.

In a previous article, we looked at the new spaces that were introduced on the Carnival Jubilee on decks 6 and 7 in a zone known as The Currents. You can read all about that underwater adventure here. This time, we’re focusing on what’s happening on deck 8 in the new space called The Shores.

Marina Bar

Upon entering this new zone on the Carnival Jubilee, we come to a new bar that brings together the theme of being at the edge of a boardwalk. It features ores in the design to really tie the space together. This bar features nautical theming and comfortable lounge space with the inclusion of an outdoor, lanai seating area.

Coastal Slice

Moving aft in The Shores, we encounter another rethemed space, the pizza counter. This time, Coastal Slice features many familiar favorites such as the Quatro Formaggi, and Fughi pizzas, plus a new fan-favorite, the Barbecue Chicken pizza. Yum!

Video review of the new pizzas offered at Coastal Slice

Beach Buns

Continuing with the boardwalk theme, we walk up to the new deli space on board called Beach Buns. A fun and quirky play on words, this space will serve up your favorite sandwiches and paninis, plus features a couple of new delicious hot dog options!

Other venues

Similar to sisters Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration, the Carnival Jubilee will also have Cucina del Capitano (the Italian restaurant) and Rudi’s Seagrill in the area.


We love how Carnival has really changed their game in the designs and opted for some more unique areas. It’s great seeing the line expanding their options with exclusive menus to each of the ships in these dedicated spaces along with a look and feel that is congruent with the experience they are presenting.

Share your thoughts with us on these spaces. We want to know if you like what they’ve done to set the three ships apart from each other!

Walking tour through The Shores

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