The benefits of booking your cruise through a travel advisor

When I share the news about me becoming a travel advisor with my friends, the first question I always get asked is “why would anyone still use a travel advisor?” With all of the online search engines and booking portals, it’s easier than ever to just book your own travel. The benefit a travel advisor adds is the second part of their title: advice! From choosing the best cruise line for you – or even picking a specific room based on personal experience – an advisor makes a huge difference. Not only that, they do all the dirty work if problems arise. No need to wait on hold for 45 minutes; the travel advisor does that for you.

The second question I get is, “am I going to pay more booking through you?” Absolutely not. When booking a cruise vacation through me, it won’t cost you any more than booking directly through the cruise line – yet it likely comes with some added perks.

Perks of a travel advisor

So what’s the incentive of actually booking a cruise through a travel advisor? Let’s start with the easiest answer first: given the amount of cruises I’ve been on, I have a lot of knowledge and experience with what to expect when hitting the high-seas for the first time. When I collect your information I immediately start to look for options that fit within your criteria, looking at itineraries, dates, and other that might interest you.

I’ll usually present the first round of options to you within 24-hours of that fact-finding message. As we continue to work together to narrow down the results, I’ll be looking at deck plans and the ship’s design to determine the absolute best location on board for your sleeping quarters to ensure a quiet, uninterrupted night of sleep, while having convenient access to the ship’s amenities.

Next up, I’ll look at all of the different rate codes (including any offers that you may have received as a past sailor with that cruise line). If there’s a rate that is missing or not showing up, I have quick and easy access to the line’s customer service department. No more waiting on hold, listening to elevator music while you wait to speak to a representative!

When we secure your booking, I’ll also work with my agency to try to score some additional benefits for your cruise, whether it’s a complimentary dinner at one of the up-charge restaurants or added on board credit. Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, marriage, or anything else? I might also sneak in an extra little surprise and delight for you to make your sailing experience more memorable!


Keep in mind, up to this point, I still have not collected any money from you to handle your reservation! All I’m doing is acting as your cruise specialist who is passionate about the industry and excited to send people to amazing destinations. In fact, I don’t earn anything from the cruise line until you have completed your sailing; this ensures everything goes off without a hitch!

How do I get all of this without paying more? What’s the catch?

The cruise lines love working with travel advisors! We take the stress off of their customer service teams while managing the booking process from start until finish. Additionally, we are advocates for the industry and oftentimes know more about their own ships and offerings than agents that get paid by the hour. This means that cruise lines can actually save staffing dollars by providing travel advisors with a small commission!

Each cruise line has a different negotiated rate they pay to an advisor and that doesn’t impact the price you pay by even a penny. You can set sail with the peace of mind in knowing that I have worked hard to get you the best experience possible – and that the cruise line benefits by you using an advisor.

Darn it. I’m already booked!

Even if you’ve started the process of booking a cruise, as long as you haven’t paid in full for your sailing, I may still be able to manage your booking. By transferring your booking over to me, I have the ability to add some of those awesome perks to your sailing and answer questions along the way.

Last question: Are you sure it won’t cost anything?

Here is my commitment to you: check my price against the cruise operator’s website if you have any doubt. You will see that the rate quoted is the same as what you’d find booking on the website. The only difference? You’ll get my service, support, and knowledge – and potentially some bonus perks and surprises along the way.

Ready to book?

Check out our This Cruise Life Travel Services page to get in touch with me, or simply send me an email: Truly, that easy!

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