Carnival Shareholder Credit and the the New StockPerks App

In addition to potential stock market gains and dividends, many companies provide additional benefits to their shareholders. In fact, all publicly traded cruise lines have offered some form of benefit to shareholders for years. When the process first rolled out, you had to fax over a copy of your brokerage statement. Eventually, this process got easier when email and online forms rolled out. Now, Carnival Corporation has rolled out an app-based approach for all of their brands using a 3rd party app called StockPerks.

For details on the 2024 Shareholder Program, check out our detailed post: Carnival Shareholder Credit (2024).

For step-by-step instructions on using the StockPerks app, read on.

Carnival Shareholder Credit and the the New StockPerks App

What Is StockPerks?

According to Carnival Cruise Line, StockPerks is “a more automated and streamlined process for the processing of shareholder benefits.” Instead of faxing or emailing in proof of ownership, you download the StockPerks app and prove your ownership via an automated process.

As Carnival rolled this out, we’ve received a LOT of questions about the app and the submission process. That’s why we’ve created this StockPerks Step-by-Step Instructions for Requesting Carnival Shareholder Benefit to help you navigate the new process.

Big Changes on How to Request Carnival Shareholder Benefits

With the full transition to Stockperks, Carnival now requires you to download the Stockperks app from either the Apple or Google Play Store depending on your device. While the download was quite simple, there were quite a few steps before we could actually submit our request.

Creating a Stockperks Account

  • Download the Stockperks App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Upon launching the app, you’ll find a quick tutorial that you can swipe through; when finished, click the Get started button
  • You’ll be asked to either sign up with email or to sign in with Google or Apple authentication. If you’ve previously registered, there is an option to Sign in at the bottom
  • Before you can continue on any option, you must first accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • I chose the Sign up with Google option and followed the steps to give access to “name, email address, language preference, and profile picture”
  • Once your account is created, you’ll receive the “successfully created” screen. From here, click the Let’s go button
  • Stockperks asks for personal information, including Date of birth, Gender, Phone number, ZIP code, and Annual income (interesting…)

Proving You Own Stock

  • The app gives you two options to prove you are a shareholder-
    Automatic broker connection: The app’s recommended option
    Manual statement upload: the app warns that this takes longer, however, is required if you have an account with Fidelity, Edward Jones, or Ally
  • Choose the option that applies to you and click the Next button

If you choose the Automatic broker connection you’ll be prompted to connect your account-

  • The next screen informs that you will be connecting through a secure connection called Plaid and to follow the on-screen prompts to connect your brokerage account
  • Before I could continue, I had to also confirm my cell phone number and validate it with a text that was sent to my device
  • Once Plaid confirmed I was real, and I owned the cell phone I was using, it asked me to Select broker out of 11,000+ Institutions. Thankfully, there’s a search box. However, if your financial institution happens to be listed on the screen, it’s even easier; just click the logo to continue
  • Here’s where the magic / scariness happens. Plaid asks you to log in to your financial institution and grant them access to your account. I got a scary warning from my financial institution which I had to accept before I could link my account. But that wasn’t it. I was asked again to provide my consent – my financial institution wanted to make sure I was super-duper sure about this decision
  • I selected the accounts to provide Stockperks access to and clicked the Done button
  • After a few screens that flashed up, I got the message, “Broker Connected!” and my only option was to click the Done button
  • I then clicked on Carnival Corp. & plc and… nothing! The Redeem perk button was greyed out and the message, “You don’t own shares from this company” displayed on my screen. Grrr. I most definitely own shares. In fact, when I clicked on Eligible benefits, Carnival Cruise Line was listed as Eligible.

Tip: If this happens to you after you connect your Brokerage account, kill the app and relaunch it. That should save you a message to support (I never did hear back from them…)

  • Once you reload the app, the Redeem perk button should be green and clickable

Requesting Your Shareholder Benefit

  • Select the company you are requesting the Shareholder Benefit for. In this case, I chose Carnival Corp. & plc
  • Click the Redeem perk button to continue
  • On the Enter cruise details screen, you’re asked to enter the following information: Booking Number, Cruise Date, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Select a ship
  • Once you’ve entered the data, click the Confirm button to continue

    None of these fields auto-populate. And there’s no option to enter multiple booking numbers at a time. So… if you have a lot of cruises, be prepared to repeat this process again and again.
  • If successful, you’ll receive the “Your Onboard Credit claim has been submitted!” message with a cartoon character covered in confetti. The screen informs you that Stockperks will contact you within seven (7) business days if your claim is approved. Your only option on this screen is to click the Done button
  • You’ll also receive an email with the subject “New Perk redeemed!” which is super confusing. When you read the email, it informs you that it’s just an acknowledgement and you’ll find out in five (5) business days whether or not your request has been approved

Confirmation that OBC has been applied

After submitting my Shareholder Benefit request, I only had to wait three days before receiving an email confirming that OBC was applied! Watch for an email with the subject line: Successful OBC Application to Itinerary. The email includes the shareholder name, booking number, sailing date, and total amount of onboard credit applied to the reservation.

Because I submitted a request for five upcoming Carnival Cruise Line sailings, I received five individual emails confirming that the onboard credit was applied.

Support-Related Questions

If you need help with StockPerks (connecting to your brokerage, redeeming your perk, etc.), there’s are two options: email and app chat. When Carnival denied our emailed Shareholder request, they pointed us in the direction of StockPerks and told us that if we had any issues to email

Alternatively, if you’ve downloaded the app and set up your account, there is a Contact us option under the profile page:

Our Thoughts on Stockperks

Overall, it was a fairly smooth process following the on-screen prompts. With that said, it definitely took a LOT of steps to accomplish the simple task of requesting our Shareholder Credit! Additionally, as others have mentioned, I don’t love giving Stockperks access to my entire portfolio. They now know how many shares I own of not just Carnival, but every other company I hold in my portfolio.

The app bug of having to kill and relaunch and the disconnected verbiage between the app and email (seven days versus five days) creates a bit of an unpolished feeling. Not something you necessarily want to feel after you’ve granted the company full access to your investment portfolio.

CRUISE TIP: To avoid having to share all the details of your investment portfolio with Carnival Corporation, consider opening a separate brokerage account where you hold ONLY your cruise stocks. Then, provide Stockperks access to this account.

Carnival Corporation Shareholder Benefit

We’ve written about Carnival’s Shareholder Benefit Program for years now. You can find details on the 2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit on the following dedicated page:


If you can’t tell, we were big fans of simply emailing the Shareholder email address requesting our Shareholder Benefit. The new process adds extra steps, connections, and repetitive manual entry. With that said, when we can get up $250/cruise in onboard credit, we’ll jump through whatever hoops Carnival puts in front of us! 😉

Have you used the StockPerks process to request your Carnival Shareholder Benefit? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have a non-support related question? Drop those in the comments, too!

10 thoughts on “Carnival Shareholder Credit and the the New StockPerks App”

  1. This app is the worst! Download it. Delete it. Download it again. Every time I get email from stockperks acknowledging they have errors….oops….sorry, you have to try again…….we didn’t receive anything from you ……we had a glitch….blah, blah blah. still, no OBC, no help from STOCKPERKS or carnival. Having gotten my OBC from guest relations for many years without a “glitch”, this app needs to work a whole lot better before we stock holders are forced to use it. I cannot get any help from STOCKPERKS or carnival. I have been trying for over 2 weeks! Outrageous.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Susan! Have you had any luck tracking down your OBC? We ran into several challenges, but eventually got everything working. And to your point, yes, the old process worked beautifully! I’m hopeful that once everything gets set up, it’ll be a smooth experience on your second submission (I’m just about coming up on my second one myself!) -Mark

  2. Well, I tried using the stockperks app to get my benefit…but this was before I noticed that this benefit is only listed for 2024! I am cruising next year…but I’m hoping they’ll renew this benefit…
    So anyway, when I tried to connect to my brokerage (love the idea of having a separate account for the cruise stocks), I tried 3 times, being sure to enter the correct credentials, and even had them text me a code to verify it’s me…but then stockperks told me I entered incorrect credentials! These credentials were verified by logging in to the brokerage directly. So, this does not inspire confidence! I’m currently waiting to hear back from their support…

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, Ron! Did you ever hear back from support? Like you, some of the glitches didn’t inspire tremendous confidence. I had to kill the app a couple times and log in to my brokerage account separately before it finally worked. Hopefully, they were able to get it resolved for you. And glad the tip on a separate brokerage was useful!

      Good luck, and cruise on with all the $$$ in your pocket! 😉

  3. There is no way you should have to share any information on other shares of companies you own!!! How would Carnival feel if we were showing their shareholder information to other companies!!! I expect to receive my benefits as a stockholder but not share other financial information!! I hope this is corrected soon!!!

    1. The good news is that you don’t have to! While you have the *option* to share your brokerage account to automate the connection, you can instead still submit your statement via the app with all of your personal information redacted. It’s similar to the old process, just via the app instead of email. Hope that helps you get the money you’ve earned as a shareholder! -Mark

      1. I applied through Stockperks and was unsuccessful because I already have obc which I paid for when I booked my princess cruise. Is carnival not honoring their shareholder benefits if you already purchased obc at the time of booking ?

        I will be selling my shares if this is the case?

        1. Pre-paid OBC should not have any impact on the Shareholder Credit Program. I’m guessing they don’t see a lot of pre-purchased credits, and so likely declined it thinking you already received other OBC included in your fare. I’d reach out to them at their support email to explain the situation: Please let us know what you hear back!! -Mark

  4. I have an old cell phone and cannot download the app so the travel agent said I could send it in the old way which I did. Am I not going to get my room credits??

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve personally reached out to the StockPerks team to understand the process someone in your position should follow to claim benefits. I will keep you posted when I hear back. In the meantime, have you heard anything on your end after submitting the old-fashioned way? Thanks for asking! -Mark

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