2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit (valid through December 2024)

One of the most viewed pages on our site is about the benefits you receive for being a shareholder with your favorite cruise line. These benefits can be quite rich! In fact, in 2023 Carnival Corporation provided shareholders up to $250 in onboard credit – but that offer ended on February 28, 2024. This article walks you through changes to the new 2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit along with big updates to the process requesting benefits.

2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit Update

Good news, cruisers: Carnival Corporation has extended the shareholder benefit program once again! However, unlike previous years, the cruise operator only extended the program through this year. That’s right, the current program only applies to sailings completed by December 31, 2024.

According to Carnival, all benefits remain the same from last year for North America Brands:

Length of SailingOnboard Credit (OBC)
14 days or longer$250
Sailings 7-13 days$100
Sailings 6 days or less$50
Carnival Shareholder Benefit (applicable through December 31, 2024)

2024 Shareholder Benefit Requirements

In order to qualify for the 2024 Shareholder Benefit Program, you must own at least 100 shares of Carnival Corporation (CCL) stock. As of the time of this writing, that would be an investment of $1,665. Had you purchased the stock at Carnival’s 52-week low, it would have only cost you $837. Even at today’s stock price, just two 14-day cruises and three 7-day cruises recoups half your investment!

For current $CCL stock price information, refer to Google Finance.

All Carnival Corporation Brands Participate

It’s important to note that all of Carnival Corporation’s brands participate in the Carnival Shareholder Benefit program. While the amount of onboard credit varies by region, each brand maintains a tiered amount based on the length of your sailing. The following Carnival Corporation brands participate in the 2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit Program:

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Holland America Line
  • Seabourn
  • Cunard
  • Costa Cruises
  • AIDA Cruises
  • P&O Cruises

Carnival Rolls Out New Way to Submit for Shareholder Benefit

Many have written to us about changes to the process on requesting the Carnival Shareholder Benefit. Over the past year, Carnival Corporation tested an updated process through an app called StockPerks. A quick search will bring up countless Facebook threads and cruise message board posts with questions about the app.

On our last attempt to request via email (the old way), we received this message from Carnival:

Carnival Corporation has engaged Stockperks to implement a more automated and streamlined process for the processing of shareholder benefits. During the ongoing transition phase, shareholders may be redirected to Stockperks to engage with our updated redemption process. The Stockperks service is governed by Stockperks’ Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and may be subject to other Stockperks policies and terms.

So what does this mean? It means a big change for how to request your Shareholder Benefit going forward.

How to Request Carnival Shareholder Benefits in 2024

Check out our Stockperks Job Aid that walks you through step-by-step how to create your Stockperks account and request your Shareholder Benefit.

Fine Print and Disclaimers

When talking about Shareholder Benefits, the stock market, and free onboard credit, there are some big disclaimers:

  • Carnival Shareholder Benefit is available to shareholders who own a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock
  • Carnival Shareholder Benefit available on sailings through December 31, 2024
  • Requests for Carnival Shareholder Benefit must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your sailing (repeating this in case you missed the red bold text above!)
  • Only one Carnival Shareholder Benefit can be used per stateroom (i.e., if multiple people in the stateroom own at least 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock, only one credit will be awarded per stateroom)
  • Employees, travel agents cruising at travel agent rates or interline rates, tour conductors, or anyone else cruising at a reduced-rate or on a complimentary basis are excluded from the Carnival Shareholder Benefit offer
  • Carnival Shareholder Benefit is non-transferable (i.e., you cannot give your Shareholder Benefit to another cruiser)
  • Carnival Shareholder Benefit can not be redeemed for cash and cannot be used for casino credits/charges charged to your onboard account
  • You can not use your Carnival Shareholder Benefit to pay for gratuities*
  • As with any stock purchase or investment, there is market risk. You could lose money with the investment. Additionally, as you buy/sell stock, there could be tax implications. Nothing on this page should be used to make an investment or tax decision and I retain zero liability for any decisions you may make

*While the official documents state that the Carnival Shareholder Benefit cannot be used to pay gratuities, we’ve not seen this enforced (cruise boards also confirm this). According to the official Carnival Shareholder Benefit Program, the onboard credit cannot be used, however, your mileage may vary.

Carnival Shareholder Benefit Recap Video

Check out our video recap on the benefits of being a Carnival Shareholder. We’re currently working on an updated video for 2024 that includes StockPerks details.

12 thoughts on “2024 Carnival Shareholder Benefit (valid through December 2024)”

  1. Will by pass this “opportunity”. Need to include date of birth, email address, and average annual income. In the next section of an additional site, one needs to identify what investment group the shares are held in, then allow access using your name and password. Did not include this or any other further information. Deleted the origianl application.
    Contacted Holland America and poke with a surpervisor who informed me, “there is “no other option”. If stockperks not used the share holder will not recieve the on board credit.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rita. I talk about these very things in the StockPerks Step-By-Step I’m creating!! If you can get past the fact that a 3rd party is asking for your income (which is kind of odd, no?), StockPerks does provide a manual option for providing your statement so you don’t have to give them access to your financial institution:

      Automatic broker connection: The app’s recommended option
      Manual statement upload: the app warns that this takes longer, however, is required if you have an account with Fidelity, Edward Jones, or Ally

      I’ll get the one-pager posted hopefully early next week. In there, I give tips and tricks on how to get the benefit without the risk.

  2. I am a stickler for NOT giving out unnecessary information. As Rita stated in her review, it does ask for income – but did not require an answer – so I left it blank. DOB and email address is typical to locate your booking information and send you a reply so no issues there. There was no way I was going to provide my financial log in info but I easily uploaded a recent statement with all the info blocked out, just as I used to do via email to get credit the old way. It was really quick. Only issue I have is having 2 accounts and doing all the work over again for my spouse. Its getting annoying that everyone has their own required app but hopefully this one will pay off with other perks.

    1. Thanks for the tip that “Annual income” is not a required field. I missed that when I first signed up! I’m also glad to hear that the statement upload worked for you without a hitch!

      I just posted a complete step-by-step article for those setting up StockPerks for the first time. A post like this would have helped me, so I’m hoping it’ll reduce some pain for others. Enjoy your shareholder benefits!!

  3. At this point I’m a pissed off stockholder. OBC is the only benefit of owning CCL, it no longer pays dividends and has languished as a growth stock. I will not allow Stockperks / Carnival to mine my investments for information to sell. The OBC is too minor for the cost of cruising with one of their lines.

    1. Sorry for the frustration with the stock; it’s been a bumpy ride the past couple of years, for sure. While it took a little time to adjust to the new Stockperks process, it’s been pretty smooth now that we’ve got the hang of it. Plus, for us, it’s provided more than $5k in benefit, so it’s a no-brainer investment on our end. Of course, everyone’s experience varies. Best wishes on your portfolio. -Mark

  4. At the risk of “beating a dead horse”, I’d like to add my total agreement with the previous comments regarding dissatisfaction with using the Stockperks app and the information it requires. I didn’t even know I had to do this until I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any response from Cunard for onboard credit. It does make me question whether there’s a point to continue with Carnival stock.

    1. I guess it all depends: is it worth $100 to go through an extra step of submitting via an app? Back in the day when we had to FAX proof in, I never once missed the opportunity to claim OBC. I’d say faxing was much worse than the new process. I created a Stockperks Job Aid that provides a cruise tip on how to avoid giving Carnival Corp. access to all of your account info. It’s an extra step you need to do once, but hopefully, that reduces some heartburn! -Mark

  5. I received this notice from Stockperks denying my request. Is this noted in the Fine Print & Disclaimers?
    Unfortunately, your application for onboard credit on your upcoming reservation (Booking #: xxxxx departing on 2024-08-18) has not been approved as it did not meet the Terms & Conditions. Specifically, you are not eligible for the onboard credit because:
    This booking is a restricted discounted reservation and is not eligible for onboard credit.

    1. Hi Tim! Sadly, the fine print and disclosures state that the Carnival Shareholder Benefit excludes anyone sailing on a reduced-rate or on a complimentary basis. Now, “reduced rate” does not mean when Carnival runs a sale on their website. Instead, it refers to casino offers, travel agent offers, free/significantly discounted sailings, etc.

      Hopefully, StockPerks declining your application means you already got an AMAZING deal on the cruise you have booked!! -Mark

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