Get Funderstruck at Guy’s Burger!

Did you hear the news? Carnival and Guy Fieri have teamed up yet again to create a new limited-time burger that’s only available at Guy’s Burger Joint on a Carnival Cruise ship – and we got to try it!

What makes up the Funderstruck Nacho Burger?

The limited-time Funderstruck Nacho Burger, or simply the Funderstruck burger, is made up of a “straight up” 80/20 burger patty topped with S.M.C. (super melty cheese), nacho seasoning, beans, tortilla strips, fried jalapeños, donkey sauce, and pico de gallo.

The inside of Guy Fieri’s new Funderstruck Burger and Guy’s Burger Join onboard a Carnival Cruise ship

But how does Funderstruck taste?

Check out our review of the Funderstruck Nacho Burger to see what we thought about this limited-time offering. We talk ingredients, flavors, and each provide our overall opinion on Fieri and Carnival’s newest offering below!

How can I get Funderstruck?

The Funderstruck Nacho Burger is currently available at Guy’s Burger Joint on board any Carnival Cruise Line ship. Carnival has a dedicated page for the burger which highlights the fact that it’s a “limited-time” offering – but doesn’t provide an end date. So, you better get going and book your next cruise before time runs up to try this Guy Fieri creation!

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