Margaritaville At Sea Paradise Menus (2024) | Fins Main Dining Room Night Two

Last week, I shared the menu, the experience, and our thoughts on the food for Night One in the Main Dining Room aboard Margaritaville At Sea Paradise. As promised, I’m coming back to share the menu and our experience on the second night of our 2-night cruise. Let us know in the comments what you would order from the Margaritaville At Sea Paradise Menus (2024).

Fins Main Dining Room

I won’t rehash everything I shared in my first post, other than to say that it’s a gorgeous space. I love how the linens are folded as fins throughout the dining room; nice touch! Once again, when we arrived, our waiter pulled out our chairs and placed our napkins in our laps. We both were really impressed by this experience.

Margaritaville At Sea Paradise Menus (2024) | Fins Main Dining Room Night Two

Margaritaville At Sea Night Two Menu

Once again, when we arrived to the dining room, the digital display board showcased the entire menu for the evening. We chose to dine at 8pm based on a late lunch while in Freeport, however, several cruisers we met chose the earlier dining at 5:45pm. You simply show up at the time that works best for you each day (versus having early or late dining pre-assigned).

Like the first evening, our waiter brought over physical menus so that we could make our selections. We noticed on the second night that there were some signature dishes included from the first night, along with several new items across the entire menu. The JWB Steakhouse selections were again available on the night two menu, however, we stuck with the included options again.

Like the first evening, we ordered several appetizers to to share, we each ordered an entrée (referred to as a Headliner), and then a dessert.

Margaritaville At Sea Night Two Main Dining Room Bread Service and Appetizers

Once again, we were offered bread service on night two. Unlike the first night, however, we only have those tasty rolls to choose from, which was ok with me! After the bread service, we once again received our appetizers (“Opening Act”).

I started with the Chicken Tortilla Soup which had giant chunks of chicken. I really liked the thicker broth; once again, it was great to dunk my buttered roll in. I also enjoyed the Florida Citrus Salad, though, there was a lot of arugula which created almost a bitter flavor by the end. Finally, I ordered the Island Spring Rolls which were delicious dunked in their dipping sauce.

Rocky also ordered the Ahi Tuna, but they never brought that to the table. Instead, they mistakenly brought a second order of Island Spring Rolls, which, we were ok with based on how tasty they were!

Margaritaville At Sea Night Two Main Dining Room Entrees

Before we even got into the dining room, we both decided what we were going to get: The Tuscan Mac & Cheese. I hate when we order the same thing as it limits options we can try, but neither of us was backing down. I guess you could say we’re stubborn when it comes to food!

Unfortunately, this was the wrong choice as we both agreed it was our least enjoyable food item we had the entire cruise. The “cheese” sauce had solidified into a gum and the pasta was significantly overcooked as it must have sat around for some time. It had a very bland flavor and we have no idea where the “cacio e pepe sauce” was. Definitely a disappointing final main dish – especially since we both ordered it! Neither Rocky or I ate the majority of the dish. In hindsight, I wish we would have split this dish and ordered the Caribbean BBQ Pork Chop to try as our second entrée. Live and learn. 😉

Margaritaville At Sea Night Two Main Dining Room Desserts

After a disappointing main entrée, I was hopeful for my Key Lime Sponge Cake (after all, Jimmy Buffet made sponge cake famous in his lyrics). The presentation was beautiful! Sadly, however, this was a disappointing end to the meal. It lacked any real flavor, likely due to the fact that the majority of the dish was a flavorless sponge cake. Half point for looking good on camera.

Rocky ordered the Classic Brownie again the second night with how much he enjoyed it the first night. Once again, he cleaned his dish and ate every bite!

Final Thoughts on Night Two Main Dining Room

Once again, we really enjoyed the overall dining room experience and appreciated the variety of dishes. The appetizers were all very good, however, our main dish lacked flavor, was overcooked, and just didn’t look very appetizing. While Rocky really enjoyed his final dessert, mine lacked flavor leaving me disappointed.

Overall, I’d likely have given the experience 3.5 out of 5 stars as I really enjoy the dining room and the apps were very good. However, the service was nowhere near as good as the first night. Our waiter and assistant waiter seemed overwhelmed the entire dinner service. The table next to ours was very demanding (and a bit rude) and I think that threw off the entire meal. I give night two in the main dining room 3 ships out of 5. The saving grace really was those appetizers!

Margaritaville At Sea Paradise Fins Main Dining Room Night One Menu

Be sure to check out our Main Dining Room Night One Menu and Review and don’t forget to drop a comment on what you’re excited to try on the menu!

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