MSC Yacht Club Menus (2024) with Pictures

In January, we sailed on MSC Meraviglia for a 9-night cruise. Each night, we dined at the private Top Sail Restaurant – exclusive to Yacht Club guests. Because food is such an important part of our cruise experience, we captured every dinner menu to share with you.

To make it easier to digest (see what I did there!!), we’ve split the 9 dinners into 3 separate pages, complete with photos of the food. Scroll down to see just how well we ate during the course of our cruise!

MSC Yacht Club – Night One Dinner Menu

For our first dinner in the Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge, we each enjoyed multiple starters and entrées. We both ended our meal with the Tiramisu.

I got the Nordic Salad and the Fire-Roasted Tomato Cream Soup as my Starters. Because I couldn’t decide on my meal, I got two: the Tortellini Stuffed with Asparagus and Mascarpone Cheese along with the Punjabi Tadka.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Two Dinner Menu

The second night in the Top Sail Lounge was the Gala Dinner (aka, Formal Night). There were so many wonderful options on the menu, and we, once again, each ordered several appetizers!

I ordered the Williams Salad and Burgundy Snails (fun fact: escargot is one of my favorite starters). For my entrée, I ordered the Champagne Risotto. While I won’t rehash our Yacht Club Food Review on YouTube here, let’s just say it was one of the best dishes I had in the Yacht Club. I ended my meal with the Crepes Suzette.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Three Dinner Menu

Our third dinner in the Yacht Club’s Top Sail Lounge was no different than our previous nights; we couldn’t decide what to order! So, both Rocky and I each got several appetizers. I stuck with the risotto for my main as I enjoyed it so much the previous night and I finished off with the evening’s featured dessert.

To start, I had the Cream of Argenteuil Asparagus Soup from the “Deliciously Healthy” section of the menu. Side note: I find it kind of funny that the Deliciously Healthy section is placed directly under the full Desserts menu. haha

I also enjoyed the fried Asiago Cheese Fritters (definitely not from the Deliciously Healthy section). For my main, I ordered the Truffle Risotto. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but WOW. This was fantastic; I highly recommend. Finally, for dessert I ordered the Cherries Jubilee which was flambéed by the maître d’. Extra points for both presentation and flavor. Once again, another highly recommended dish.

MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge Menus

Keep on eating and enjoying; check out the next set of menus below:

Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge Full Review

We’re working on a complete dinner service food review from our time on board. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when that goes live. In the meantime, check out our entire MSC Meraviglia YouTube Playlist!

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