MSC Yacht Club Menus (2024) | Top Sail Lounge Nights 7, 8, and 9

Welcome back to our final installment of our experience in the MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge! It’s been fun to look back at the menus and the food over the past couple of weeks and I’m excited to share the final three dinners we enjoyed on board.

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MSC Yacht Club – Night Seven Dinner Menu

On a typical 7-night cruise, this would be our final dinner. However, with MSC Meraviglia’s 9-night sailing, it meant we had tonight and two more meals to go. It’s time to go all out and try multiple dishes!

On night seven, I had FOUR appetizers! Everything sounded so delicious. I started with the Winter Salad and Assorted Chinese Dumplings. After those were finished, our server brought out my Seasonal Vegetable Soup. I knew with all of that food, I couldn’t do two entrées, but I didn’t want to miss trying the risotto (for obvious reasons!), so I ordered an appetizer portion of the Shrimp Risotto. Unfortunately, the portion size was just as big as the main entrée portion!

For my actual main dish, I ordered the Indian Butter Chicken – one of my favorite dishes! Check out the “before” and “after” pics in the gallery below to see what I thought of the dish! I ended my absolute delicious meal with Coffee Ice Cream. Yum.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Eight Dinner Menu

Night eight was our second Gala Dinner on board MSC Meriviglia. There were so many good options… but what to choose?

I couldn’t decide on an entre, so I went with two. As a result, I only ordered two Starters: Arugula, Lollo, and Cherry Tomato Salad and an appetizer portion of the Fettucine Alfredo. Clearly, I didn’t learn my lesson from the night prior, as this was anything but an appetizer portion!

For my two main dishes, I ordered the Truffle Filet Mignon and the Chooley Chawal. I’m a sucker for garbanzo beans and roti bread, and this dish did not disappoint. After all this food, I wasn’t all that hungry for dessert, so I asked if they still had any of the Coffee Ice Cream left from the night before. Like magic, it appeared on the table shortly after.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Nine Dinner Menu

Our final dinner in the Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge. How is it already the last night? Friends we met on board highly recommend Rocky and I share a slice of the lasagna. We were also informed that we could request the chef to make our favorite dishes… so that’s what I did!

I started light with the Tricolor Salad and Gardener’s Minestrone Soup (in the background). As mentioned, we shared a slice of the Lasagna Bolognese.

On the final night, you know I had to get the Asparagus Risotto. However, I also asked the chef for an appetizer portion of my favorite dish of the week: Champagne Risotto. The champagne-version won hands down over the asparagus!

Finally, I ended my last dinner at the Yacht Club with the Lemon Delight.

Overall Thoughts on the Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge

If you didn’t pick up on it through these posts, we loved our experience in the exclusive Yacht Club restaurant Top Sail Lounge. It was some of the best food we’ve tasted across all of our cruises. In fact, MSC confirms that they spend more money per passenger on Yacht Club food than anywhere else on the ship – and it shows. From nightly risottos to Rocky’s multiple lamb dishes an truffled everything… It made for a truly memorable trip.

MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge Menus

Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey where we got to explore nine nights of exclusive dining on board MSC Meraviglia in the Yacht Club’s private restaurant Top Sail Lounge. If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the menus and food photos below!

Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge Full Review

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