MSC Yacht Club Menus (2024) | Top Sail Lounge Nights 4, 5, and 6

There is so much food to enjoy in MSC’s private dining venue Top Sail Lounge – a private dining venue that is exclusive to MSC Yacht Club guests. The Yacht Club is MSC’s “ship within a ship” concept that features exceptional service, exclusivity, and some amazing food and drink options.

Last week, we shared nights 1-3 dinner menus and photos in the Top Sail Lounge. This week we’re sharing MSC Yacht Club Menus for nights 4-6 in the Top Sail Lounge. I hope you enjoy the menus and the photos! We’ll be back next week with our final installment of nights 7-9.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Four Dinner Menu

Night four’s menu had me stumped: there were two main dishes I wanted to try, but which should I choose?? Not to worry, our friendly waiter insisted I get both!

For my Starters, I ordered the Beef Tartare and the Provencal Country Vegetable Soup from the Deliciously Healthy portion of the menu. For my entrées, I ordered both the Pumpkin Risotto (are you picking up a theme yet?) and the Roasted Vegetable Tajine. Because I had two entrées, I decided to order dessert from the healthy portion of the menu and I got the Crispy Tulip. “Filled with vanilla ice cream and diced strawberries” sounds good, right? This was probably my most disappointing dessert all week; back to the regular desserts for me!

MSC Yacht Club – Night Five Dinner Menu

Night five was a unique dining experience as we were late to dinner. But I promise, it was for a good reason: we Live Streamed sail away as we were the first ship to ever pass by Icon of the Seas at night in PortMiami. The ship happened to make her first stop in Miami while we happened to be ported there, so we spent the day capturing video footage and tons of photos!

Because of our late arrival at 8:15, and the fact that we had tickets to Rock Circus at 9pm, our waiter informed us we would only have time to order an entrée for our dinner. Any guesses what I ordered? If you guessed the Famer-Style Creamy Risotto, you would be right! Rocky ordered the Spring Rack of Lamb with Fine Herbs in Mustard Shallot Sauce.

MSC Yacht Club – Night Six Dinner Menu

Once again, on Night Six we were pressed for time at dinner as we were docked at MSC’s private island Ocean Cay, and we didn’t want to miss the “Lighthouse Light Show” outside. So, we decided to… gasp… skip dessert!

Even though I don’t like seafood, I had to continue the theme of the week! To start, I ordered the Lemon-Scented Creamy Oyster Risotto. Ok. Maybe I took this “order risotto every night” thing too far. This was the grittiest, saltiest, seafoodiest dish I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant. Every bite had crunchy things in it like sand. Definitely not. lol

I also ordered the Asparagus in Tarragon Sauce. The puff pastry looked beautiful, but the dish overall was very bland. Finally, for my entrée, I ordered the Paccheri Pasta with Traditional Cured Speck.

MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge Menus

We love our cruise food and hope that you’ve enjoyed our journey through the Top Sail Lounge in the Yacht Club. Check out the rest of the menus and food with the links below!

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