The Spread Good Squad

One of the many things I love about cruising is the opportunity to meet people from around the world. When most folks think of cruising, they think about the delicious food, fun entertainment, and some amazing ports. And sure, I do too. But I’ve also been blessed to meet some amazing people on my journeys.

People like Brodi Nicholas who wanted to do something to help his neighbor Sam when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Brodi and his friends sold wooden bracelets to raise money to help fulfill some of Sam’s dreams.

That would be an amazing story right there. But it gets so much better. Based on the difference Brodi and his friends were able to make in Sam’s life, he founded Campaign One At A Time, a non-profit to help kids that are going through similar situations.

We’re on a mission to keep positively impacting people anywhere we can. One person, one city, and one good deed at a time.

Brodi Nicholas, Founder and CEO of Campaign One At A Time

I had the chance to get to know Brodi and his girlfriend Kadie over New Years on the Carnival Miracle out of Long Beach, CA. We met by chance on a snorkeling excursion and ended up hanging out throughout the week. We visited a favorite spot of mine in Cabo and visited Club Oxxo in both Cabo and Ensenada continuing the fun.

Exploring Cabo together

It wasn’t until I got home when I dug into Campaign OAAT that I learned the full extent of the work Brodi and a group of dedicated people are doing to make a difference in kids’ lives. As I learned more, I also discovered The Spread Good Squad – an online web series that follows the adventures of Campaign OAAT. The webisodes are 10-12 minutes long. They’ve got some laughter, some drama, and a whole lot of love. By the end of the episode, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself cheering for the good that these humans bring to this world.

Spread Good Squad Intro

Post cruise, I’ve stayed in touch with Brodi and Kadie and am excited to continue to follow their work. I’ve also become a #ChangeMaker in hopes that my support can help Campaign OAAT reach more of their goals. As someone who lost both parents to cancer, the work that Brodi, Kadie, and countless others are doing to help make a difference in these kids’ lives will forever touch my heart.

You just never know how cruising might impact your life. Like I said, the food, entertainment, and ports are pretty amazing, but it’s the people you meet that create the greatest joy and lasting memories.

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