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Exactly one month ago today, Carnival made some pretty large announcements about their newest ship, Carnival Celebration. The announcement was made that there will be 6 themed zones onboard the new ship: Celebration Central, The Gateway, Summer Landing, 820 Biscayne, Lido, and Ultimate Playground. In naming these areas of the ship, they left several venues unnamed, in an effort to build anticipation and excitement for this new vessel. We featured an article on thiscruiselife.com to bring to light some of these zones and speculated about the origination of the names and what would take their place on this upcoming ship.

Today, Carnival sent out a Press Release that talks all about the new section, 820 Biscayne. As promised, Carnival is paying homage to their past with the roll-out of this new ship. 820 Biscayne refers to the address of the original Carnival Cruise Line corporate offices, and the venues in this new section will reflect a familiar part of Miami. Looking back on the Mardi Gras deck plan and the La Piazza section of that ship, there are several items that we knew had to be consistent: Cucina del Capitano was already named and the pizza and deli venues haven’t been named elsewhere on the ship, so logically they would appear in one of the two new zones.

Throughout this zone, guests will experience a unique take on Miami, combining elements from its past with its present. From beautiful artwork to fun photo opportunities like posing with flamingoes on skateboards, guests will feel like they’re truly walking around the ‘305.’

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Carnival Cruise Lines has does a great job at satisfying our late-night hunger cravings with the popular Pizzeria del Capitano, formerly Pizza Pirate. The menu changed minimally when the name changed from Pizza Pirate, but the crust had a different taste to it. I can honestly say that I still enjoy my midnight pizza snack and have no complaints about the product being served. Carnival Celebration won’t have either on this ship. Instead, they’re introducing Miami Slice, a place with Art Deco design, neon lighting, and tasty pizza option all hours of the day.

Rendering courtesy of carnival-news.com

When I’m sailing on a cruise ship, sometimes I don’t want a fancy meal flanked by crafted sides. A simple sandwich is enough to satisfy my cravings and I was getting worried when I couldn’t find the deli on the deck plans for the Carnival Celebration. As part of today’s release, we were introduced to the brand new Deco Deli. Designed to fit right in with the rest of the Miami design style, Deco Deli will feature all of the popular sandwiches served at Carnival Deli on the many other ships, plus some new Cuban options to tantalize your taste buds: a Cubano, a croqueta sandwich, or pan con lechon. Just thinking about all of these new food options is making my mouth water!

The third area announced as part of this Miami-themed area is Bar 820. The only similarity to Bar Della Rosa on Mardi Gras that Bar 820 shares is the location and the fact that it serves up alcohol. In an effort to ease the pressure at Java Blue in the mornings, this location will serve up breakfast grab-and-go Cuban and specialty coffee options. As the sun begins to set on the perfect sea day, swing by to grab a fresh Miami-inspired tropical frozen drink or sink into the night with a creative selection of martinis. This bar will have service available in the promenade, or al fresco, when the weather is right.

Rendering courtesy of carnival-news.com

According to their press release, Carnival will keep Rudi’s Seagrill on the ship and plans to freshen up the space that Cucina del Capitano uses so it fits into the Miami motif. This area of the ship looks to be very bright and vibrant, which is different than the feeling of La Piazza, found on Mardi Gras. Overall, I am very excited to get to explore this new section of the ship and I am marking my calendar for April 23rd to see if there’s another update posted about the upcoming Carnival Celebration!

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