Carnival Cruise Line’s Sailabration™

NEW UPDATES! – 2/4/22

Birthdays come only once a year and the landmark 50th only happens once in a lifetime. Carnival has begun the planning stages to celebrate 50 years of sailing on the open waters with their fun ships on March 7th, 2022 and they’re inviting YOU to join the Sailabration™. The term is catchy and easy to relate, which is probably why the planned sailings have been filling up so quickly! Read on to learn more about the Sailabration™ and to book your cruise to join the party!

To kick things off, the sail away party will be new and improved from what you’ve experienced before if you’ve sailed with Carnival. The 50th Birthday Bash Sailaway Party will feature everyone up on the top deck of the ship wearing Carnival logo gear to create a huge sea of red, white, and blue.

Once you’re on the high seas, prepare yourself for endless amounts of fun! You can take advantage of the Build-A-Bear Birthday Party by purchasing a special-edition product. If you attend the Groove St. Jude Dance Contest, you could be crowned the winner and take home a special 50th-birthday prize.

Usually an exclusive event to “Journey’s Cruises” (we will cover what that means in a future Weekly Wednesday article), this Sailabration™ includes Throwback Sea Days which features classic activities and events that you’ve grown to love over the years. Another pull from “Journey’s Cruises” are the Midnight Gala Buffet extravaganza offering the most artistic and delicious displays of food you’ve ever seen. The culinary team on each ship will be showcasing their amazing talents by creating ice carvings, fruit-and-veggie displays and all the food you can eat!

Speaking of dining options available during the Sailabration™, all of the wait staff will be showing off their moves with a throwback parade. To help celebrate their birthday, there will be a secret, special commemorative dessert available and old-school dining-room culinary favorites like cappuccino pie, duck a l’orange and cherries jubilee.

Of course you cruise upgrades wouldn’t be complete without offering special drinks onboard. If you participate in Seaday Brunch in the main dining room, you can sip on a unique Birthday Bellini. Stop by the Alchemy Bar and enjoy the Celebration Spritz prescription. Ships that have a brewery onboard (Mardi Gras and Vista-class ships) will be brewing up a Golden Birthday Ale which will be featured across the fleet. Of course there will also be a specially created martini called the Golden Jubilee Tini, available in all bars and the dining room. And lastly, a Frozen Golden Fun Ship drink to help cool things down for the adults, plus a non-alcoholic version for the little-ones.

The icing on the cake, as it were, will be the Fun Ship® Meetups taking place during your cruise! There will be a massive party up on the Lido deck on Carnival’s birthday. The Playlist Productions cast will join in song and dance with the ship’s band and DJ for a memorable evening. You will be able to sing along to the classic tunes you love and the evening will be capped off with a special nighttime show at sea! Here’s how it works: there will be 5 different Meetup locations:

  • Meetup #1 – Baja Mexico: at sea, between San Diego and Ensenada (2 ships) March 5th
  • Meetup #2 – CANCELED
  • Meetup #3 – Western Caribbean: at sea, between Cozumel and Costa Maya (7 ships) March 7th
  • Meetup #4 – The Bahamas: at sea, between Eleuthera (Princess Cays) and Nassau (6 ships) March 9th
  • Meetup #5 – Baja Mexico: at sea, between San Diego and Ensenada (2 ships) March 11th

Here’s the ships participating and which Meetup they’ll be part of:

  • Carnival Breeze® – Meetup #3 (5 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Conquest® – Meetup #4 (4 days, departing March 7)
  • Carnival Ecstasy® – Meetup # 3 (5 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Freedom® – Meetup #4 (6 days, departing March 6)
  • Carnival Glory® – Meetup #3 (8 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Legend® – Meetup #4 (7 days, departing March 6)
  • Carnival Liberty® – Meetup #4 (4 days, departing March 7)
  • Carnival Miracle® – Meetup #1 & #5 (15 days, departing February 20) & (5 days, departing March 10)
  • Carnival Panorama® – Meetup #5 (7 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Pride® – Meetup #3 (8 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Radiance® – Meetup #1 (3 days, departing March 4)
  • Carnival Sensation® – CANCELED
  • Carnival Spirit® – Meetup #4 (5 days, departing March 7)
  • Carnival Splendor® – CANCELED
  • Carnival Sunrise® – Meetup #3 (7 days, departing March 5)
  • Carnival Sunshine® – Meetup #4 (7 days, departing March 7)
  • Carnival Vista® – Meetup #3 (7 days, departing March 5)
  • Mardi Gras™ – Meetup #3 (7 days, departing March 5)

I’ve booked my Sailabration™ cruise already and rooms are selling quick! If you’re ready to book this once-in-a-lifetime cruise after reading through this article, you can click on the “Meetup” links found above. If you’re not quite sure which itinerary of the Sailabration™ that speaks to you, just visit Carnival’s Website dedicated to all Sailabration™ cruises. If you want to know more about the 50th Birthday Party, be sure to check out their dedicated page.

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