Why get just one This Cruise Life lanyard when you can pick up TWO?!
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Our This Cruise Life Lanyard set is the perfect way to make sure you and your cruise companion never lose your ship cards (aka, cruise ship room key) again! The lanyard has a clip at the end that allows you to hold any card that has a punch hole.

But don’t limit your support just to the cruise ship. We encourage both of you to use these lanyards to proudly display your loyalty status cards that have a punch hole. Perhaps these will become you new lucky charm when in Las Vegas when you hang your players club card from them. Or, you just want to start that new cool trend where everyone you know wears a This Cruise Life Lanyard. This is where it begins!

However you show off your support, we say thank you. It’s been great getting to meet and know our early followers and we appreciate any and all support you show. See you on the ocean! -Mark and Rocky

Mark, Rocky and other products stickers or lanyards displayed on are not included.

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.79 inches wide x 18 inches tall


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