Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menus

We recently sailed on Carnival’s newest ship to the fleet, the Carnival Firenze. During our 5-night sailing, we dined in the Main Dining Room each evening and enjoyed a variety of dishes from both the standard and vegan menus. While there is duplication across both menus, there are unique offerings on the vegan menu that we enjoyed trying. Below are Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menus from the Carnival Firenze 5-night sailing.

Night 1 Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menu

Over the years, I’ve tried every item off of the Night 1 Vegan Menu. This sailing, I ordered the Vegetable Strudel, Spaghetti Pasta, Roasted Tomato Soup. I enjoyed the spaghetti and soup very much. And while I was most excited about the strudel based on the description, it was overpowered by salt. I might skip that one!

Night 2 Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menu

Like the first evening, we’ve also tried everything on the Night 2 Vegan Menu – which is Formal Night on a 5-night sailing. We ordered the vegetable spring rolls, the Caesar Salad, and an order of the Fettuccine Pasta. We loved the spring rolls, and order them every sailing! The salad was good (it’s hard to mess that up), however, the pasta was overdone and lacked flavor. Rocky enjoyed the Chilled Strawberry And Chia Seed Soup.

In terms of Entrees, we actually prefer Carnival’s Vegetable Lasagna over their meat one. It has more flavor and moisture than the non-vegan variety. The Chicken Cordon Bleu is also a tasty dish, however, the Featured Indian Vegetarian wins out for me on this menu.

Night 3 Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menu

Carnival’s Night 3 Vegan Menu has a couple new additions to the menu, along with a couple of our favorites. We ordered the Hawaiian Salmon Poke for the first time, Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup, and one of our all-time favorites, the Spaghetti Carbonara. I got the Poke without the avocado (due to allergy). It was sweeter than I expected, but enjoyable. The soup was well-flavored and tasted fresh. And the Spaghetti Carbonara didn’t disappoint.

If you enjoy Spaghetti Carbonara, you can also get it as a main dish if you would prefer a larger portion! Our tablemates ordered the Eggplant Cutlet A La Parmigiana and it was HUGE. He shared that he found it perfectly cooked, seasoned, and very tasty. Despite the size of the portion, he ate the entire thing.

Wrapping up the meal, we enjoyed the Cappuccino Pot De Crème. Be advised, it definitely has a strong coffee flavor!

Night 4 Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menu

With just two dinners to go, we think you’ll enjoy the Night 4 Vegan Menu! This night’s menu doesn’t excite us nearly as much as the others. However, the Smoked Poblano Corn Soup is AMAZING and we highly recommend it. The Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Chopped Lettuce is… a little underwhelming. We’ve had the linguine pasta before, but were unsure if it was actually plant-based ham, so we skipped it and just enjoyed the Featured Indian Vegetarian.

Night 5 Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menu

It’s the final night of your cruise! The Night 5 Vegan Menu has a lot of our favorites. I ordered the Beet and Petite Greens (it didn’t have much flavor) and Tuscan Minestrone (a personal favorite!). The Fried Tomato is a great representation of that dish and the penne is good as well, but has a strong tomato flavor, so keep that in mind.

For Entrees, we’ve again tried everything over the years, however, I would stick to either the Penne or Featured Indian Vegetarian. The Hamburger Steak is always a bit tough and the enchiladas have a really odd flavor/taste (almost like a cleaning solution). Plus, the tortillas get hard/dry under the warming lights; one of our least favorite dishes.

Finish strong with the Pineapple Sorbet and you’ll be in for a lovely sweet treat.

Carnival Cruise Line Vegan Menus Nights 1-5

We’ve included links to each of the full-size menus below to help you plan out your dining experience on board your next Carnival Cruise!

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more menus featured, let us know in the comments! And if you’d like to read more about what it’s like to go “Vegan On A Cruise,” check out Carnival’s website for more.

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