Will You Help Us Reach 10,000?

It’s official: we are updating our YouTube Subscriber Milestone Goal for 2024. It’s a stretch, for sure, considering we only have 6 months left in the year, but with the tremendous response we’ve seen the past month, we said, “Let’s shoot for the moon!”

To help spread the word about This Cruise Life, we’ve slashed the price of our Sticker 3-pack to only $10. We just thought that $10 for 10k had a nice ring to it!

Will You Help Us Reach 10,000?

I thought you just updated your 2024 goal?

If you’re a regular, you might recall that not too long ago, we upped our 2024 goal to 7,500 subscribers. While we’ve still got a way to go even on that goal, Rocky and I said, “shouldn’t we dream bigger?” That’s when Journey to 10k was born.

I think we can do it! You have already proved that if we continue to work our tails off – and share our unique perspective – anything is possible. 💙

Thank You

To everyone that has joined our journey, clicked that subscribe button, said hello to us on a cruise ship (or even in an airport!), posed for a selfie, reshared our channel with friends and family, purchased TCL merch… a huge THANK YOU!

With your support, we know we can reach our new goal of 10,000 subscribers. We promise to work hard each and every day to bring you new and fresh content, cruise ship tours, stateroom walkthroughs, complete reviews, Sail Talk Saturday lives, plus, hopefully some silliness and smiles along the way.

Cheers to $10 and 10k!
-Mark and Rocky

PS- Did I mention that the $10 sticker sale includes shipping?? Maybe buy two! They make a great gift for the cruise-lover in your life… 😉

The Sticker Sale is good through June 10, 2024. There is a limit of 10 sticker packs per order to ensure we don’t run out.

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