MSC Yacht Club 2024 On Board MSC Meraviglia

MSC Yacht Club 2024 On Board MSC Meraviglia

To say we were pampered is the understatement of the year (although, considering it’s only January, fingers crossed there’s more pampering ahead)! We had the opportunity to sail MSC Meraviglia out of New York earlier this month; we were excited to check out the new-to-us cruise line. But what we didn’t expect: an upgrade to MSC’s exclusive Yacht Club!

What is the Yacht Club?

The Yacht Club is MSC’s “ship within a ship” concept that promises both privacy and exclusivity. The experience includes amenities most could only dream about: white-glove butler service, 24×7 concierge, an exclusive restaurant on the ship and on MSC’s private island, Ocean Cay, unlimited drinks anywhere on the ship, a private pool, hot tub, lounge deck, and so much more.

MSC Yacht Club 2024 On Board MSC Meraviglia
Courtesy MSC Cruises

Upgrade Offer

In early December, just over a month from our sailing date, we received an email inviting us to bid on an upgrade . We were already in a balcony cabin, so it seemed odd bidding on an interior cabin – but that’s just what we did! We maxed out our bid on an interior Yacht Club stateroom in hopes that the upgrade fairies would grant our wish.

On December 13, 2023, that’s exactly what happened!

Yacht Club Check-In

Fast-forward a month to January 9, 2024 when we checked in to board MSC Meraviglia. Again, to say this check-in process was different would be a huge understatement. Unlike your typical check-in with long queues, growling stomachs, and throngs of people, we waited in our own lounge with champagne and canapés away from the crowds. We made sure to document the entire experience so that we could share it with you:

First Impressions

So what is it like to sail on a ship within a ship? Is the Butler actually a real person, or is it just a glorified room steward? And what exactly is a canapé? The first 24 hours on board was a whirlwind. There were so many new experiences – and so much food! Considering this was our first-ever MSC cruise, it was a GREAT first impression! You can check out our detailed review of that first 24 hours, along with what we thought about MSC Meraviglia:

Full Review to Come!

Now that we’re back on solid ground, we’re working on our full review of our 9-day sailing on board MSC Meraviglia in the Yacht Club. We’re going to cover the things that we loved, didn’t love, and a couple things that we hated about the ship and experience.

As always, thanks for joining this cruise life of ours and following our adventures! -Mark and Rocky

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