Carnival Jubilee Main Dining Room Menus (2023-2024)

There’s a lot to eat on board the brand-new Carnival Jubilee! In fact, the new ship from Carnival Cruise Line has the most included venues of any ship we’ve ever sailed on – outside of Virgin Voyages where they don’t have upcharge restaurants.

Below, we outline the included restaurant and food options (with links to our reviews). In addition to all of the included options, Carnival Jubilee also includes a Main Dining Room that is always included. To help you plan your meals, we’ve included all of the dining menus from the Main Dining Room for the inaugural season (2023-2024).

Included Food Options

Here are the many included food options you have on board Carnival Jubilee:

  • Street Eats (quick bites)
  • Coastal Slice (pizzeria)
  • Beach Buns (deli)
  • JavaBlue (deli)
  • Big Chicken (chicken sandwiches)
  • Cucina Del Capitano (unlimited, inaugural season)
  • Chibang (unlimited, inaugural season)
  • Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse (lunch)
  • Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse and Brewhouse (dinner)
  • Lido Marketplace (buffet)
  • Main Dining Room

Carnival Jubilee Main Dining Room Menus

The Carnival Jubilee has two main dining rooms on board: Atlantic (mid) and Pacific (aft). The design of the restaurants is different with the aft spanning two decks, however, the menus are exactly the same between the dining rooms.

To help you plan your upcoming cruise, we’ve included the menu from the inaugural season on board Carnival Jubilee!

Please always refer to the HUB App for the most current menus!

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Carnival Jubilee MDR Menus Nights 2 through 7

To help make it easier to navigate between each day, below are quick links to each night on board:

Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4 | Night 5 | Night 6 | Night 7

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  1. Just checking to see if night 2 was the same as night 1 on your list for the Jubilee dining room menu. Trying to make reservations for specialty dining and I’m needing to know what night would be a good night to do that.

    1. Hey Tammy, thank you for catching that. It’s indeed an error on our side that we are working to get fixed. No, the menus were not the same between night one and night two. Apologies for any confusion (or extra hunger!) we may have created. 🙂

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