Thank you to 6,000 Subscribers!

It seems like just the other day I was typing up a post celebrating 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. We were absolutely blown away when we reached this milestone. The support and love that the cruise community has shown to us has been truly unbelievable.

So it comes as a bit of a SHOCK to already be posting and celebrating 6,000 subscribers just one month later! Carnival Firenze has generated so much interest and we’re so excited to be on her inaugural voyage. It’s been a true honor to meet so many subscribers and channel supporters on this sailing. No exaggeration, we’ve talked to over a hundred cruisers that have come up to take selfies, ask when our “Loved, Didn’t Love, Hated” is coming out, or just shared their thoughts about the beautiful Carnival Firenze.

Check out our Complete Ship Tour to get your FIRST LOOK at this beautiful ship!

Thank you to 6,000 Subscribers!


To say Rocky and I are humbled is an understatement. This Cruise Life was created to spread positivity and the joy of cruising with the world. We are truly honored to see that the work we put into our videos and posts is resonating and generating excitement with other cruisers.

Even on this sailing, we’ve had multiple people share, “I booked this ship because of your Venezia review!” It’s still jarring when someone says they booked a ship or specific sailing because of something we’ve shared. As I type this, I can’t help but get goosebumps thinking about it.

6,000 Thank You Notes

Truly, we send out 6,000+ thanks to each of you who have followed us on this cruise life journey of ours. We are so excited to continue sharing the joy of cruising. We’ve got a BUNCH of Carnival Firenze content coming out to the channel in the coming weeks and then we’ll be switching gears to talk more about Margaritaville At Sea Islander inaugural in June.

Oh, and we’ve got our full MSC Meraviglia Review coming out in May where we look at a standard cabin on MSC and how that compares to the Yacht Club experience we had in January.

So much goodness coming your way!

You know what to do…

If you haven’t already, join us over on YouTube and click that Subscribe button. Check out some of our Carnival Firenze videos, and sign up for our This Cruise Life Newsletter.

We are 1,000 steps closer to our 2024 goal of 7,500 Subscribers on YouTube. Let’s crush it together!

-Mark and Rocky

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