Virgin Voyages Boarding Process

Virgin Voyages Boarding Process

What a whirlwind of a week on board our first-ever Virgin Voyages sailing. We just debarked Valiant Lady in Miami on Sunday, and are excited to share our thoughts after 8 days on board this $700M Lady ship. For those getting ready to board Valiant Lady out of Miami for the first time, we put together this quick Virgin Voyages Boarding Process – and give you tips on how you can get onto the ship even faster.

Virgin Voyages Boarding Pass: Don’t Panic!

If you’ve ever cruised before, you know the drill. Check in, print your boarding pass or save it to your phone, and head to the terminal. But, like everything else, Virgin Voyages decided to do things different! There are no bar codes, no boarding docs or luggage tags, and nothing in the app (other than your itinerary). Don’t panic! That’s all normal. As long as you’ve checked in and completed your health-screening, you are good to head to the terminal!

Getting to the Port

Virgin Voyages is located at Terminal V in Miami. Both Uber and Lyft recognized the terminal, so getting to the port should be fairly easy. As always, plan for Miami traffic. We checked in on both apps at least half a dozen times embark morning as we didn’t want to miss our early arrival window!

While general boarding started at 2pm, we arrived at the port area just before 1:30pm local time. Because of Virgin’s later embarkation start time, it was much easier to get around, and less chaotic in the port area. Virgin Voyages Terminal V is at the end of the Miami cruise port closest to downtown and the address is 718 N Cruise Blvd, Miami, FL 33132.

Bag Drop – Checking Bags

Due to the smaller size of the ship, and the reduced chaos in the port area, the porters were much easier to spot. Unlike other cruise lines, however, the porter asked for our room number. He then wrote our room number on a bag tag that he stapled to the handles of each of our bags.

Cruise tip: Do not remove the bag tag from your luggage as it’s also used for the debark process! The tag does tell you not to remove it for the duration of your cruise, however, we didn’t read that… Thankfully, they’re like airport bag tags; peel back the sticker and you can reattach it to the bag for debark. But just follow the instructions to make it even easier.


From the time I took the below picture (1:32pm) to the time we arrived on board the ship (1:52pm), a mere 20 minutes had passed. This embark process was SLICK!

Virgin Voyages Boarding Process

Because we leveraged Virgin Voyages Match and Sea More Status Match Program, we were able to skip the queues and jump into the exclusive Sailing Club line. Not only did this allow us to get to the terminal right at 1:30 when check-in began, it allowed us to skip all the queues that were already forming for 1:45, 2:00, etc.

Cruise Tip: the “A Splash of Romance” package also provides you with Priority Boarding, so check this out if you don’t qualify for Sea More Status Match.

We joked that Virgin Voyages is the only cruise line we know that employs a “bouncer” to let you into the club. The crew member confirmed our name was on the list, gave me a Virgin Voyages wristband, and sent us into the terminal.

The terminal was still pretty empty at this point, so we skipped all of the empty queue lines inside and made our way directly up the escalator to check-in for passport review.

Passport Review and Check-In

The queue here took longer, but still, maybe only 10 minutes. Check-in was a breeze; the agent reviewed our passports and gave us The Band. Described by Virgin Voyages as, “a sleek wearable technology made from recycled ocean plastic that will unlock voyage adventures for future Sailors,” The Band did not disappoint. From accessing your stateroom, to paying for purchases on board or even on land at The Beach Club in Bimini, this thing was slick. And there’s a series of sayings on each of the bands (I was “Feelin’ Nauti”).

Once we had our newest fashion accessory attached, we headed to the cruise line’s version of TSA Pre-Check. We placed our items onto the conveyor, walked through the x-ray, and collected our belongings on the other side. All in, this process took less than 3 minutes.

From here, we headed toward the ship. One quick tap of The Band to the handheld devices at the terminal door, and we were cleared to board!

First 24 Hours Onboard YouTube

We talk more about the Boarding Process in our First 24 Hours Onboard review on YouTube and provide additional images of the port area, terminal, security check-in process, etc. Plus, we share our thoughts after 24 hours on board Valiant Lady.

Final Thoughts on Virgin Voyages Boarding Process

This was probably the easiest embark we’ve had in a long time. The later boarding time allowed the chaos of the Miami cruise port to die down and the benefit of Priority Boarding is HUGE. I highly recommend reviewing the Sea More Status Match or A Splash of Romance packages. If neither of those apply, keep in mind that booking through Rocky also gets you Priority Boarding.

I’m thankful that there were experienced Virgin Voyages sailors there who guided us to the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club line, otherwise, we would have likely gotten into the longer queue. Keep this in mind if you have Priority Boarding. But don’t try to fake it. The “bouncer” has a list and checks it twice to confirm you’re on it. It was odd that there were no boarding passes or indicators in the app; the employee checking names on a paper list seemed dated, but it actually added to the experience creating the bouncer vibe we joked about.

You can tell the terminal is new. It still has that “new cruise terminal” smell! Everything was clean, crisp, and in working order. Even the bathrooms were pretty!

Check-in took about 10 minutes to get through the queue, and passport review was easy. We received The Band for our wrists and headed through security screening before tapping our wrists on the handheld devices.

All in, 20 minutes from getting to the terminal to being on the ship was amazing, especially considering it was all new and we were taking a TON of pictures and videos.

Excited to hear your thoughts and experiences on Virgin Voyages embarkation process in the comments below!

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