Virgin Voyages Status Match Program (through December 2024)

Virgin Voyages Status Match Program

Update April 2024: Virgin Voyages brings back the Match and Sea More Status Match Program! With the revised program, you now match into the new “Blue Extras” level. Benefits include dedicated Sailor Services line, 1 specialty coffee each day, 1 complimentary bag of laundry, and an invitation to the Welcome Back Party. Are you actively participating in the loyalty program with other cruise lines? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to join the fun for your upcoming Virgin Voyages cruise! Contact Rocky to help with status match and book! You can also fill out the Sea More Status Mach form here! Need help? Rocky can match AND book your Virgin Voyage!

Update January 2024: Virgin Voyages has officially sunset the Match and Sea More Status Match Program. Any sailors that qualified for Deep Blue Extras via status match will maintain benefits through December of 2024. According to Virgin Voyages, a new program is in the works and will be rolling out in the near future.

“Match and Sea More has been sunsetted and we are currently working on a new sailing club program, set to roll out in the near future.” – Virgin Voyages Representative

Virgin Voyages Status Match Program (through December 2024)

Loyalty to a cruise line can come with some serious perks. It’s what’s kept me cruising with Carnival as often as I do: priority boarding, free laundry services, and fun welcome-back parties. So imagine my absolute thrill when we first learned about Virgin Voyages Status Match Program. We were so excited, it was one of our first-ever YouTube videos we recorded!

Match and Sea More Program

When Virgin Voyages launched their Sailing Club loyalty program, they included a status match component from the very beginning. In true Richard Branson fashion, it was cheekily branded as “Match and Sea More.” What’s unique about the program is that Virgin Voyages will match a variety of loyalty programs – not just limited to cruises! So if you’re reading this thinking, “Oh, that won’t apply to me,” not so fast!

Status Match Perks

When you use the Match and Sea More Program, you receive a package of benefits that Virgin Voyages refers to as “Deep Blue Extras.” This is the same package of benefits that the most frequent cruisers with the line receive, so you’ll be in good company.

The perks of Deep Blue Extras include:

  • Expedited Boarding (early boarding with a VIP dedicated line at embarkation)
  • $100 Bar Tab Credit (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included)
  • Unlimited Premium Wifi (where available, of course)
  • Dedicated Sailor Services Support Onboard
  • Exclusive Cocktail Event
  • Laundry Service (you get a seriously epic-sized bag for laundry and 2 pressed items)
  • $10 daily specialty coffee credit
Virgin Voyages Status Match Program

Match and Sea More Status Match Eligibility

While the Match and Sea More Status Match Program includes mostly cruise loyalty programs, certain loyalty statuses with Virgin Airlines is matched as well (which makes sense).

Below is the complete list of loyalty programs that Virgin Voyages will match, along with the required level you must have attained in the respective loyalty program. As Platinum (Rocky) and Diamond (Mark) members in Carnival’s VIFP loyalty program, we both submitted our Match and Sea More Status Match requests!

Loyalty ProgramMembership Tier
Azamara’s CircleExplorer, Discoverer, Discover Plus, Discover Platinum
Carnival’s VIFP ClubPlatinum, Diamond
Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s ClubElite, Elite Plus, Zenith
Disney’s CastawaySilver, Gold, Platinum, Pearl
Holland America’s Mariner Society3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star
MSC’s Voyagers ClubGold, Black
Norwegian Cruise Line’s Latitudes RewardsPlatinum, Sapphire, Diamond, Ambassador
Oceania’s Oceania ClubGold, Platinum, Diamond, President’s Circle
P&O’s Peninsular ClubMediterranean Tier, Caribbean Tier, Baltic Tier, Ligurian Tier
Princess’ Captain’s CirclePlatinum, Elite
Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor SocietyDiamond, Diamond Plus, Pinnacle Club
Virgin Atlantic’s Flying ClubGold
Virgin Australia’s Velocity Frequent FlyerGold, Platinum, Beyond
Windstar’s Yacht ClubOne Star, Two Star, Three Star, Four Star
Courtesy Virgin Voyages

Applying for Match and Sea More Status Match

Applying for Virgin Voyages Status Match Program is where the cruise line really shines. It’s a simple online form that asks for just a couple items to prove your loyalty status:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Booking Reference
  • Loyalty Program (drop-down)
  • Membership Tier (drop-down)
  • Proof of loyalty status (file upload)

The form takes less than a minute to fill out – and when Rocky submitted his, he received his status match confirmation in less than 12 hours – that’s some seriously efficient status matching, Virgin Voyages!

Important: The proof of loyalty status must include your name and tier status.

Benefits In Action: Expedited Boarding

We sailed Valiant Lady in late November of 2023 and took advantage of Match and Sea More Status Match to receive Deep Blue Extras – and the benefits were immediate! Check out our Virgin Voyages Boarding Process article to read how smooth check-in went:

Benefits In Action: Onboard

Once you whisk past the lines in the terminal and board the ship, you’ll start to reap your rewards instantly.

$100 Bar Tab Credit: What can I say other than here are a couple pictures of drinks:

Unlimited Premium WiFi: This was probably the least impressive perk, as the “premium” WiFi wasn’t great. Sure, it was good enough to post to Instagram and Twitter if you held your phone in just the right spot, but uploading to YouTube or making calls was not an option.

Dedicated Sailor Services Support Onboard: While this is a *critical* perk on Carnival Cruise Lines due to the amount of people in line, this was never really an issue on Virgin Voyages. While occasionally we saw a line at Sailor Services, any time we needed anything, we just walked right up to a representative waiting to help out.

Exclusive Cocktail Event: We received a letter in the stateroom inviting us to an Exclusive Cocktail Event on November 20th. We joined fellow regular sailors up on top deck and enjoyed champagne and sangria as we sailed away from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. What a perfect end to the port day!

Laundry Service: We love laundry service on board as it allows us to pack less! But having never sailed Virgin Voyages, we weren’t sure how big the “one bag” of laundry would be. Well, I can confirm: It’s HUGE!!! While we didn’t take advantage of the two pressed items benefit (our PJs didn’t need pressing), we absolutely took advantage of the free bag of laundry and came home with suitcases full of clean clothes!

$10 daily specialty coffee credit: We stopped by The Grounds Club coffee shop and put our $10 credit to use right away!

Final Thoughts: Was Status Match Worth It?

If you can’t tell by this point, we absolutely LOVED Virgin Voyages Status Match Program. We are huge fans of Match and Sea More and are happy to report that Virgin Voyages has confirmed that Deep Blue Extras will be available through at least December 31, 2024.

Considering it takes less than a minute or two to submit your request, and the processing speed is lightening fast, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of Match and Sea More.

Of course, this information is current as of the time of writing (late 2023) and is subject to change. Be sure to check out Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club website for any updates.

Ready To Book Your Virgin Voyage?

Great news, Rocky is certified on Virgin Voyages and can answer all of your questions, price out various itineraries, and get you booked! Even if you don’t have status to match, he can still get you some epic perks! Drop him a note at and he’ll get right to work on helping you plan your dream cruise!

Virgin Voyages Status Match Program (through December 2024)

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    1. Hey Sean! Thanks for your comment. The perks are in place through December 31, 2024 for anyone that has *already reached status* (via sailing or status match), but you are correct, Virgin Voyages quietly sunset the Match and Sea More Status Match Program at the start of this year. We’ve added a block at the very start of the article to make sure that’s crystal clear. Appreciate you checking it out! -Mark

  1. Great article, I was unaware of this perk. VV seem to be surprising and really shaking up the normally staid systematic way we cruise and it is exciting! Not having a crystal ball but are you aware of anything that might be in the pipeline for a “Rewards” system/ status match after Dec 2024? There is a lot of interest here in Australia with this new line.

    1. Hi Kim! Virgin Voyages definitely aimed to shake up the cruise industry and they did just that with the introduction of Match and Sea More Status Match Program! While status matching quietly ended at the start of the year, we just spoke to a Virgin Voyages representative who confirmed that they are currently putting the finishing touches on a revamped program that will be rolling out “in the near future.” We’re excited to see what updates they make to the program – and are happy to report that anyone that’s already achieved status (either via sailing or status match) is grandfathered in through December 31, 2024. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing all the details of what the new program looks like! -Mark

    1. Unfortunately Virgin Voyages discontinued their status match program for the time being. They are working on revamping their loyalty program and as such, shut off the status match.

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