Cruising Changed My Life!

I’ve said for many years that cruising changed my life. Getting to experience new cultures, exotic destinations and beautiful ships is nothing short of amazing.

But what’s really made all the difference are the people you meet along the way.

We’ve been to Cabo San Lucas quite a few times. It’s a very common stop on a Mexican Riviera itinerary. On New Years Eve 2021, we stopped by the local OXXO convenience store to pick up snacks and drinks. While there, we chatted with the employees (the best we could between our broken Spanish and their broken English). We had a blast and they loved teaching my friend Chad how to say “Happy New Year” in Spanish.

On our way back to the ship, we stopped back in and the same employees were still working! Chad impressed them with his Spanish Happy New Years and we purchased more drinks and supplies. I joked that the employees were “Mi Novias” (girlfriends) and they giggled and laughed.

We got back on the ship and cherished the memories we made that day in Cabo.

Cruising changed my life!
New Years Eve, 2021 outside of OXXO in Cabo San Lucas

Fast Forward a Year and a Half

We set sail to Mexico for Rocky’s milestone birthday on the beautiful Carnival Panorama. We sailed with a dozen friends and it was truly an epic vacation.

We knew that since we were sailing to Mexico, we’d have a chance to stop at our favorite: OXXO. Actually, we now affectionately call it “Club OXXO” after our visit with Mi Novias in 2021. It’s become a tradition: we stop at Club OXXO every chance we get to pick up supplies, waters, and drinks!

Cruising changed my life!
Mark in front of Club OXXO, May 12, 2022

Well, with our big group of friends, we go into Club OXXO to grab drinks and water for the day ahead. When I got up to the cashier station, the employee behind the counter looked at me, looked down at what I was getting, and then stopped.

She then turned her head up with the BIGGEST SMILE. She recognized me as the “Mi Novia” guy and called over her coworker who had also been working New Years Day! We had a great laugh, hugged, they even followed us on our social media channels so they could keep up with our travels.

Experiences and Stories Like These

I smile as I tell this story as it reminds me that experiences and stories like these are a large part of what makes cruising so very special. It also reminds me just how small this world is, and how human connection makes life so much richer. It also reiterates just how far a little kindness can go to make a lasting impression. Cruising changed my life and my outlook which is why I started This Cruise Life back in 2020.

Many people would likely say, “You were getting drinks and snacks, just pay and move on with your day!” But, you see, unexpected experiences like these can fill your cup, fill your heart, and make your day even greater than it already is.

So, on your next cruise, take the time to interact with the local culture. Make it a point to meet and interact with folks you meet during the day. You never know the impact you will have on the lives of others, or the joy it might bring to another person’s day.

And then, on some random, unexpected day at Club OXXO, you might just see Mi Novias hanging out and smiling.

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