Princess Cruise Line Premium Desserts

You’ve likely landed here because you Googled, “What are Premium desserts on Princess?” In fact, it was that very Google search I did myself that caused me to write this article.

There is limited information on the Premium Desserts offered as part of Princess Cruise Line’s Princess Plus and Princess Premier daily upgrade packages outside of what was shared in their press release on December 1, 2022: “Rolling out on sailings after February 20 are a series of decadent Princess Premium desserts. These elaborate confections overflowing with gelato, pastry, and candy mixtures will be added to both the Princess Plus and Princess Premier and are available in the Gelateria, Swirls or Coffee and Cones.”

Sweet Upgrade?

If you want to enjoy these Premium Desserts without one of the upgrade packages, you can for $12 apiece. Additionally, you can add a shot of liquor for $2. (Prices at time of this post.)

The Princess Plus package includes two of these sweet treats per day (a $24 value) while the Princess Premier includes an unlimited number (since I simply can’t imagine eating more than two of these a day, I’m going to stick with the $24 value).

Of course, at $60 and $80 a day, respectively, the Princess Plus and Princess Premier upgrade packages include more than just Premium Desserts, so the “value” these sugary confections offer likely isn’t going to be the deciding factor for the average cruiser to choose one of the upgrade packages:

As you can see, the packages also include things like gratuities, wifi, and alcohol packages. For the most current list of inclusions and pricing, check out the Princess website.

Premium Dessert Menu

As mentioned, Princess includes very little information about the Premium Desserts on their website, but, thankfully, the internet comes to the rescue. Life Well Cruised includes photos of the menu and an up-close sampling of the Da Vinci.

Below are each of the items on the menu:

The Da Vinci
Hazelnut-chocolate bar, vanilla gelato, raspberry and chocolate sauces OREO® cookies

The Donatello
Key lime bar, vanilla gelato, raspberry and chocolate sauces, dark chocolate triangle

The Leaning Tower
Tiramisu, vanilla gelato, caramel and chocolate sauces, amaretti cookies

La Dolce Vita
New York cheesecake, vanilla gelato, strawberry and chocolate sauces, marshmallows

The Godfather
Fudge brownie, vanilla gelato, chocolate sauce, Florentine tuile (baked wafer)

The Michelangelo
Chocolate chip muffin, vanilla gelato, raspberry and chocolate sauces, twirl twister lollipops

Princess Premium Desserts Up Close

There are multiple Instagram posts and YouTube videos featuring these new Premium Desserts. Some have even speculated that’s what Princess is going for with the addition of these desserts.

For an up-close look, check out this quick video from Sailors365:

Passenger Reaction

After spending time on Cruise Critic Message Boards and Reddit, I’d say the reaction from passengers is less than positive. Many comments focus on the sheer amount of sugar found in these Premium Desserts, “I feel my blood sugar spike just looking at the pictures!”

Another passenger asks, “is it just me or does this whole ‘premium dessert’ thing seem like a bad idea?”

Another shares an oddity with the ordering process: “[Premium] desserts are being made with gelato but with much smaller pieces of candy than the ones pictured on the Princess website. If all you want is a scoop of gelato, you have to pay for it since gelato is not included in the Premier package.”

Finally, one cruiser sums it up that it just doesn’t make sense for Princess to offer something like this, “I just don’t think this makes any sense on a cruise line like Princess; it would sell much better on a Carnival or RCL.”


While these new offerings are sure to please some cruisers, the likelihood of enjoying an “unlimited” amount of them as included in Princess’ Premier package is unlikely. Even two of these a day, as included in the Princess Plus package seems like a stretch. With that said, you’re likely choosing one of the upgrade packages for all of the other amenities, not for the Premium Desserts.

I guess one could say that Premium Desserts are just the icing on the already too-sweet cake?

What are your thoughts on Princess Cruises Premium Desserts addition? Is your sweet tooth excited to try them, or do they give you an ice cream headache? Let us know in the comments!

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